Hosting foreign researchers



To obtain a hosting agreement, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The host organisation sends the foreign researcher the standard hosting agreement document as defined by the order n° HC 1443/DRCL of 23 September 2009;
  2. The foreign scientist has to fill out the synthetic form attached to the standard hosting agreement and return it to its host organisation in French Polynesia;
  3. The host organisation completes signs and affixes its official stamp on the hosting agreement. It then forwards it to DRRT (Regional Research and Technology Department).
  4. After examining the application, the Regional Delegate for Research signs the hosting agreement and returns it to the host organisation;
  5. The host organisation forwards the hosting agreement to the foreign researcher, so that the latter may show it to the border police officers upon arrival in French Polynesia.


Important notice!

Nationals of certain countries have to apply for visas in order to be authorised to enter the territory of French Polynesia (Order of 29 December 2011 relating to documents and visas required for the entry of foreigners into the territory of French Polynesia). Foreign scientists have to contact the French Embassy which is closest to their home in order to enquire about the visa procedure (you can visit the Foreign Affairs Ministry website by clicking here ).

The hosting agreement does not exempt foreign nationals from the visa procedure. However, the hosting agreement is required by French Embassies in order to issue a visa. It is therefore imperative that foreign researchers apply for a hosting agreement at least 2 months before they arrive in French Polynesia.

> Arrêté 992 DRCL du 16 juin 2003 fixant la liste des organismes de recherche agréés - format : PDF sauvegarder le fichiersauvegarder le fichier - 0,03 Mb

> arrêté HC 1443 DRCL du 23-09-09 protocole d'accueil chercheur étranger - format : PDF sauvegarder le fichiersauvegarder le fichier - 0,18 Mb

> Modèle protocole d'accueil - format : PDF sauvegarder le fichiersauvegarder le fichier - 0,15 Mb

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