Other formalities in French Polynesia: Work, Driving licence



Working in French Polynesia

As part of the protection of local jobs, any foreigner who wishes to enter and stay in French Polynesia to work in an employed capacity may be subject to work authorisation and, in some cases, to a work visa.

Any foreigner and employer who do not comply with these local rules are liable to criminal and administrative prosecution.

The department responsible for delivering such authorisations in French Polynesia is “Service de l'Emploi, de la Formation et de l'Insertion professionnelle” (SEFI) – Department for Employment, Training and Employability. If you plan to come and work in French Polynesia, please contact them before your arrival on the territory.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: these provisions are also applicable to nationals from the European Union and for foreign spouses of French nationals.


Useful links:

SEFI website

Labour Code in French Polynesia


Driving licence in French Polynesia

You hold a foreign driving licence? In order to know whether you are allowed to drive in French Polynesia, please click on this information sheet published by the Land Transport Authority.


> INFO PC ETRANGER 12 02 16 Permis de conduire en PF - format : PDF sauvegarder le fichiersauvegarder le fichier - 0,02 Mb

Useful link:

Land Transport Authority Website